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7 Tips to Make Your Mac Better

You love your mac and its smooth and fast functioning. However, the reality is that after sometime the mac stops to function the way it used to. Over the time it gets slowed down, and this does not imply that it has been replaced. There are a few ways that can help you, Mac, to work better.

Here are a few tips as on how to clean mac.

1. Decrease the number of apps that launch as you boot up

If there are a number of programs set to launch as you turn on your computer, it will take some time for your Mac to boot up. To check as to which apps are programmed to start by clicking the Apple icon and navigating to System Preferences> Users & Groups >Login Items.

This shall provide you with the list of the items that start up with your computer. There are boxes next to each app and clicking the minus button at the bottom of the window will remove the app. You can read a more advanced guide on how to clean a Mac online.

2. Check for software updates

At times software updates invite bugs and glitches to your system that could be slowing down your Mac. Check the software updates that are there for the version OS X of your computer is working on.

Clicking the Apple icon in the upper left-hand side and opting App Store from the drop down menu. The mac usually issues a desktop notification to alert you whenever there is an update available.

3. Try restarting your computer

It may sound like the old method, but at times it is the most effective one. Try restarting the computer before getting in the other options to improve the working of your Mac.

4. Close down the unused tabs in your web browser

The open tabs in the web browser consume the memory of a computer. Make a habit of closing down the tabs once you are done with its use.

5. Close down the apps in your web browser

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Even the apps in your web browser consume the memory. Apple offers a few shortcuts that make it faster to quit the apps. With the help of these shortcuts quit all apps and restart the computer. While exercising this option make sure that you save everything.

6. Organize your desktop

It may seem to be a complex and wasteful task, but it definitely helps your Mac’s functioning. OS X treats each desktop item like a small window in its memory. So reducing the number of icons on your desktop by means of clubbing them in folders or by deleting the items that you do not require can boost the speed of your Mac.

7. Use the activity monitor to see what is running in the background

The Activity Monitor sends you the alerts regarding the programs that are running in the background. Closing down these programs can have a positive impact on the functioning of your Mac.