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Holidaying from Home – the Hidden Gems

There are a lot of factors that have put a strain on the travel industry over the last few years. During the pandemic, even domestic travel was extremely limited as many were confined to a small area around their home. As pandemic restrictions lifted, the hope was that life would return to normal, yet that wasn’t the case. The rush in demand for holidays abroad put a massive strain on the infrastructure of the travel industry as frustrated travellers were left waiting for hours in crowded airports due to the reduced staff and rising strikes. 

There are factors beyond the pandemic that are causing many to choose to holiday at home, the biggest reason being of the expense involved. The cost of everything is on the up, meaning holidays abroad are becoming a rare luxury as families struggle to even cover the necessities. While the sunshine of faraway places may be beckoning, the reality of paying for it is holding many travellers back. This being the case, vacations from home, staycations and nearby destinations have been trending massively as many, from ordinary families to well-known celebrities, choose to holiday in the UK.

What hidden gems are there to discover? What are the best holiday destinations of the UK? Let’s find out.

The City Breaks

There are a wide variety of cities that provide fascinating destinations for travellers in the UK. Sheffield is bustling city with a serene landscape, 52 miles of national park combines with vibrant food, drinks, and arts scenes. Liverpool, the planned home for Eurovision 2023, has a legacy of culture with a rich history of art and music and amazing architecture to match. In 2022, Edinburgh was named as the best city in the world as its ancient castle stands proudly in the centre of the busy city. The capital of the UK, London, still has a hold on many travellers as this ever-developing city captures the hearts and imaginations of many with its combination of museums, historical buildings, and modern points of interest. Even the cities of Birmingham and Manchester are capturing many travellers’ attention with their diverse cityscape and great food culture. 

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The Coastal Destinations

Common coastal destinations like Dorset, Devon and Cornwall have attracted travellers for years and continue to do so today. General Manager at Manor & Ashbury Resorts in Devon, Neil Bevan, explains how the local views of the moors and the nearby sandy beaches are attracting many new visitors and travellers, especially families. Surfing at Cornwall, eating seafood on the coast, having beach days by the ocean, is all possible within the UK. You don’t have to go to places abroad to experience the beauty of the coast. 

The Faraway Hideaways

The scattering islands of Scotland make for beautiful destinations for travellers wanting to get away from the business of every life and the stress of crowded places. The Northern Lights fill the sky with beautiful jewel toned colours, the coasts offer stunning views of the wild sea and the islands team with wildlife thriving in its natural habitat. For ones desiring to unplug, get off the grid and disconnect, there are a great deal of destinations within the UK to do just that. 

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Interestingly, the growing social media coverage of “Instagrammable” destinations within the UK is playing a large role in encouraging tourism not far from home. While tourism in other countries may suffer, it’s good news for businesses of all kinds endeavouring to recover from the financial impact of the recent pandemic and stay afloat in the current economic crisis.