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Cinema Secrets You Didn’t Know: Common Tricks Filmmakers Use in Their Activities 

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Nowadays, it’s hardly possible to surprise someone with a film with a bunch of special effects since we all know that they can be drawn using computer graphics. However, if everything could be done with the help of gadgets, we would not need any actors and video cameras. 

However, thousands of people are still involved in filming, and the process is long and complicated. Viewers often do not know the tricks the creators use to make the film more interesting and believable but are really excited about the process. Do you want to know some interesting facts from the world of cinema that you definitely haven't heard about?

Being an Extra in a Film Isn't So Easy

When the main characters are sitting in a bar, walking down the street or visiting busy places, many people surround them. These actors should create a realistic atmosphere in which they communicate without interrupting the main characters. Although the task seems simple, this is far from the case. After all, actors need to behave at ease, pretend that they are talking, but at the same time remain silent.

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Adding Sounds After Filming All Scenes

Directly during the filming, only the main actors’ speeches are recorded, and full-fledged voice acting is added after. This is done so that the sounds are clearer and more expressive.

Dozens of sound engineers are involved in the process to make everything look as natural as it is in real life. Such complex work is a real art: this is why a good film cannot be made in a short time.

Bad Habits in Hollywood Films

There are numerous films where protagonists smoke, drink alcohol, or even take drugs. And many viewers have a question - what do they replace all these attributes with? Of course, everything is simple with alcohol: just pour water or weak tea so that vodka or whiskey looks spectacular in the frame. 

But don't worry, the actors also don't have to smoke one cigarette after another, risking their health since they are filled with absolutely harmless herbs instead of tobacco. And cocaine is often replaced with flour, which is why the characters are grimacing. It's not very pleasant to stuff something meant for baking cupcakes up your nose!

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Some Scenes Are Still Miniatures

Even though it’s now possible to draw everything using a computer, filmmakers often choose to make small copies of scenery. They look especially impressive when the plot involves the imitation of large-scale objects. 

The creators of the Titanic used this trick: both the ship itself and the halls inside were just miniatures. Overall, this option is more realistic than creating everything using graphics and eventually saves a lot of money for filmmakers.