Breed Guide: Choosing An Apartment Dog

Dogs are definitely among the most loved pets around the world and there are some quite good reasons for that. No matter how loving and amusing these creatures are, though, the truth is that they are also a huge responsibility. That’s something to be aware of from the moment you start considering getting yourself a canine. If you don’t take good care of them, both of you will simply be miserable and that’s certainly not what you want. Go here to learn more about how to make this animal happy.

Making dogs happy starts even before taking them home. How so? Well, you need to be considerate of the place you are bringing the animal into, meaning that you shouldn’t just choose the same breed for an apartment and for a large house with a huge backyard. Basically, getting a canine for an apartment requires much more attention and carefulness during the process of choosing a breed.

I suppose it is already clear to you that there are some animals that can be perfectly happy in apartments, while others will definitely be dissatisfied with the space they are living in, regardless of how much they might love you as their owner. This is something to think about before actually getting your pet, because you certainly want the animal to be content. So, I suggest you refrain from getting a dog on the spur of the moment in case you live in an apartment.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t even think about bringing a canine into such a place? It sure doesn’t! Nobody is saying that you should not have a pet in your apartment. I’m simply saying that you will have to be careful when deciding which dog to get, so that you can choose the breed that will fit in perfectly with your space and way of living. Below you’ll find a few breeds that will definitely be happy and well-behaved in an apartment.

These tips might be useful in your decision making process as well:

Bichon Frise

Bichons are one of the perfect apartment breeds for several different reasons. For starters, they are small and your living space will certainly be enough for them to explore and feel comfortable at. In addition to that, Bichons don’t tend to shed a lot, which is definitely an important feature to keep in mind. They also don’t bark a lot, which will make your neighbors happy.

You shouldn’t neglect the fact, though, that Bichons are highly energetic and that they need their daily dose of exercise in order to stay healthy and happy. This means that you shouldn’t keep them locked in a small space at all times. Oh, well, there’s no dog breed on Earth that would love to stay locked up like that.

Boston Terrier

Here is another small breed that will be perfect for your living space, even if it is actually tiny. Boston Terriers are gentle and affectionate and they enjoy cuddling with their humans. Of course, once again, you will have to meet their daily exercise needs in order to have the perfect, well-behaved apartment dog that won’t make a mess out of your place.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

If you are looking for a dog that will spend its time sleeping on your lap while you are working on your computer or watching TV, then this one is perfect for you. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is great for apartments because it will spend its time glued to you, meaning it won’t need too much space. In case you aren’t sure that you want a breed like that, you can always get more helpful hints about some other breeds and find the one that might not be as clingy.


Even though these dogs are huge and, I mean, really huge, they actually make for perfect apartment pets. That might certainly surprise you, but the truth is that their calm nature will make them adapt to almost any living arrangement, even if it is a rather small studio. All they need is a daily walk in order to satisfy their exercise needs and they will be perfectly happy to spend the rest of their time sleeping in the apartment.