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Wire Animals Sculptures by Ruth Jensen

  • Ruth Jensen, a Minnesota-based artist, creates captivating wire sculptures of animals.
  • Her technique involves intricate twisting of wire, without soldering or gluing.
  • Jensen's work transforms familiar animals into abstract, three-dimensional forms.
  • Her sculptures, along with her jewelry, are available for purchase on Etsy at Sparkflight.

Ruth Jensen: Revolutionizing Animal Sculptures with Wire Art

In the realm of jewelry making, wire is a familiar medium. However, Ruth Jensen, an innovative artist based in Minnesota, has taken this versatile material to new heights. Jensen's foray into the world of wire art transcends traditional necklaces and bracelets, leading her into the creation of mesmerizing animal sculptures.

The Artistry of Wire Sculptures

Jensen's sculptures are a testament to her mastery of wire manipulation. Each animal figure, ranging from delicate birds and bunnies to charismatic cats and foxes, is brought to life through a unique twisting technique. Remarkably, these creations are forged without the use of soldering or gluing, relying solely on the strategic intertwining of wire. This approach not only demonstrates Jensen's skill but also highlights the potential of wire as a medium for intricate, standalone art pieces.

A New Perspective on Familiar Creatures

What sets Jensen's work apart is her ability to present animals in an almost abstract form. Her wire sculptures capture the essence of these creatures, yet they leave room for imagination. As Jensen herself puts it, viewing her sculptures is like solving a puzzle, as the eye works to piece together the familiar forms from the intricate wire patterns. This interplay of presence and absence, solidity and void, gives her sculptures a unique, ethereal quality.

Accessibility and Availability

In addition to their artistic allure, Jensen's creations are accessible to art enthusiasts and collectors. Her sculptures, along with her jewelry, are available for purchase on her Etsy shop, Sparkflight. This offers art lovers an opportunity to own a piece of this innovative wire art, bringing the beauty of nature and the intrigue of abstract form into their homes.


Ruth Jensen's wire sculptures are more than just decorative items. They are a celebration of both artistry and the natural world, crafted through a unique blend of skill, creativity, and vision. Her work invites viewers to see the familiar in a new light and to appreciate the possibilities inherent in even the most commonplace materials.