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Summer Horse Rugs

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With the warmest months ahead of us, what type of horse rugs are the best choice? With so many different types of rugs available on the market, knowing which are the most appropriate for this time of year can help keep your horse comfortable in the heat and provide you with peace of mind that your horse is appropriately dressed.

Fly rugs

During the warmer months, flies and insects are a massive annoyance for many horse owners. Causing a nuisance to our animals and risking disease being transmitted, keeping flies away is a necessity this summer. Specialist fly rugs are designed using breathable fabrics that are lightweight and airy in the warm weather but keep flies away from the skin, utilising colours and prints that are proven to deter insects from approaching. 

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Turnout rugs

With versatile features that make them a go-to option for mild weather conditions throughout the year, turnout rugs are a great addition. Their lightweight characteristics are ideal for keeping them comfortable in warm weather whilst allowing the skin to breathe underneath. As we all know, the British weather is vastly unpredictable so having access to a lightweight yet breathable rug that can offer protection from the rainy spells is super handy. As well as the summer months, your turnout rug can be used throughout the mild spring and autumn weather for a long lasting solution.

Cooler rugs

As the name suggests, cooler rugs are the perfect choice during hot weather to try and keep your horse comfortable throughout the day. With a soft lining to prevent rubbing, wicking properties and an adjustable fit, cooler rugs are designed to keep the horse as comfortable as possible during the summer. Keeping them clean when out and about or preventing them from getting dirty after bathing, these rugs can be used both in the stable and during travel.

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The Benefits of Horse Rugs During Summer

Some horse owners prefer to keep their horse rug-free during the warm weather with a belief that it is not needed. Although it is down to personal preference, there are a number of benefits of wearing suitable horse rugs throughout the summer:

  • The breathable material helps to prevent your horse from getting too warm in the direct sunlight whilst creating a layer of protection from UV rays. This is especially beneficial for horses with darker coats as they are more prone to sun damage since their coats can become bleached under the sunlight.
  • A rug helps to protect the coat so it can remain healthy and tidy throughout the year. Whether that be from rolling in the dirt, any debris in the air or simply the weather conditions, an added layer of protection will help their coat stay in pristine condition.
  • You do not have to worry about changing your horse’s rug dependent on its location. Many summer horse rugs are suitable for wear both in their stable or out in the field so you do not have to switch from one to another every time you move them in or out throughout the day.