The World’s Most Awe-Inspiring National Animals, Illustrated

Animal tracks are the unique footprints of each species, and many animals likewise have the ability to call to mind, in a single image, impressions of the country that they are thought to represent.

By a curious chain of association, then, when we see the footprint of a giant panda, we can’t help but think of China; the Kiwi's footprint is less familiar, but once learned will always evoke thoughts of New Zealand, where the bird is considered to be the national animal.

And so the folks at Expedia decided to create The Wild Side Series, a colorful batch of posters showcasing the footprints of the world’s national animals presented as logos for the lands with which they are associated.

If you’re the kind of adventurer who loves strange lands and the stranger animals that dwell in them, you’ll be stunned by the effect the iconography of these elements on your desire to pack up your things and go traveling!This is just a selection so be sure to check out Expedia's blog to see all 12 posters and also to download print versions of those you have to hang on your wall.


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