10 Reasons Why You Need To Clean Your Playground

Photo by Gaddafi Rusli on Unsplash

Every year, we should put time into the upkeep of our outdoor spaces. Patios, decks, walkways and gardens all need attention. Another important outdoor feature we should include on this list is playgrounds. Maintaining the cleanliness of your family’s play structure is important for many reasons:

1. Clean Appearance

Many people enjoy having an attractive, uncluttered space to live in. Better yet, cleanliness is scientifically proven to boost mental health. For instance, cleaner space can reduce cortisol levels and increase motivation. Vigorous cleaning can also serve as a healthy outlet to release negative emotions! So don’t hesitate to give your playground some care.

2. Sanitation

Adequately scrubbing the surface of your playground can remove potentially harmful mold and bacterial growth, as well as the peanut-butter and jelly your children smeared on the swing-set last month. Using a professional service can be immensely effective. Cleaning agents are added to the water in accordance with the materials your playground is made from.

3. Longevity

Porous playground surfaces wear out with time. Rubber tire swings can begin to dry-rot and form small cracks, while wooden see-saws may splinter or crack. However, porous surfaces are less likely to degrade if we treat them with care. Cleaning these surfaces and coating them with a sealant or conditioning product allows them to withstand the outdoor elements longer.

Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash

4. Touch-Ups and Repairs

While cleaning your playground, you may notice areas that could benefit from touching-up, such as spots that need to be repainted or chain links that could use some grease. Taking the time to clean your children’s playground also allows you to perform a safety inspection. Check for sharp edges on equipment, tripping hazards including stumps, open “S” hooks and protruding bolt ends. You can identify areas that may pose a danger, then make necessary changes or repairs.

5. Insect Removal

We share the beautiful Earth with many species of insects– some of which may unwittingly build nests in the sandbox or beneath the slide. Do not attempt to swat at bees and wasps, as this will scare them and cause them to act defensively. Instead, take steps to ethically remove the nests of creatures that could cause a painful sting.

6. Snake Removal

You may find a snake when cleaning your playground. Many snakes are non-venomous and should be left alone– with time, they will migrate elsewhere. If the snake does happen to be venomous, it should be relocated ethically by an animal-control professional. In some areas, police and fire departments also offer wild-animal removal services.

Photo by Mohan Moolepetlu on Unsplash

7. Plant Life

When cleaning your playground, you will notice any plants that have sprouted nearby. This can be an opportunity to pull weeds and trim grass. Plants that are poisonous, have spikes, or cause itching upon contact with skin should be relocated for the safety of your children. You might decide to add a few potted plants that your children can help care for. Identify which hardiness-zone you live in, and select plants accordingly.

8. Upgrades

Although playgrounds are usually designed exclusively for children, don’t allow this to make you feel limited. Perhaps you could dream up a play space the whole family could enjoy– such as a mini outdoor amphitheater, or a swing-set for four. Maybe you want to add a mural onto the treehouse with the help of your son. Using a little time and creativity, you could give your playground a personalized upgrade.

9. Communal Chores

Children learn what they live. Watching you complete chores normalizes the act of regular cleaning in your kid’s minds. They will learn that the work we put into maintaining our belongings pays off because it allows us to enjoy our belongings for longer periods of time. You can even find age-appropriate ways to involve your kids in the up-keep of your family’s playground.

10. Sharing

When you have company over to visit your house, they may enjoy spending time outdoors with you. If your playground is clean and well-kept, children and parents from other families will be more likely to enjoy it. You can be proud that your playground is a source of fun and exercise.