25 Cabins You Wish You Could Escape to

These aren’t your ordinary cabins. In fact, they aren’t log cabins at all, rather they are log homes nestled away in the mountainsides of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana. No matter where you spend the chilly months, it's safe to say that winter is best enjoyed with a mug of hot chocolate and a warm fireplace, and there's no better way to weather out the season than in one of these architectural gems.

1. This gem.

beautiful cabin

2. The perfect cabin library.


3. The woods are calling. Calling perfection.
cabin porn

4. The Canadian Rivendell.

5. Narnia…

6. Atop the Cascades.
cascadian heaven

7. The over-achiever.

8. Peter Pan’s penthouse.
treehouse cabin

9. The perfect summer house.


10. Everything you need is in the woods.
cabin interior geniusness