a small house in a tree

Isolated Wooden Cabin on Stilts is a Creative Getaway for Writers

For writers, it’s important that they sometimes escape from the rush and hustle of daily life and focus on their craft somewhere in quite a place. The Hut on Stilts built with this kind of creative getaway in mind. The cabin was designed by architect Nozomi Nakabayashi, whose client is a writer, the eight-square-meter hut stands four meters above the ground and among isolated woodlands in Dorset, England.

Nakabayashi’s wooden structure is divided into two levels and uses reclaimed telegraph poles as its stilts. The interior is basic and includes a few essentials: a wood-burning stove, a writing desk, and a bed hidden under the floorboards. Because it has a decent amount of furnishings, it’s only designed for a night’s stay, and for its guests to be completely calm during that time. This also makes it an excellent setting to foster creativity—a nearby lake, passing wildlife, and starry night skies are fantastic sources of inspiration.


via Dezeen