Birds-eye View at a Mountain’s Edge: Thilina Liyanage’s Sky Restaurant

The Sri Lanka-based architect, Thilina Liyanage is responsible for the most awe-striking and realistic architectural designs that relate beautifully to their surroundings. The goldfish-shaped bar overlooking an ocean or a jagged cabin sitting upon a rocky beach are just some examples of her work in this regard. This time, he has created one of the most beautiful bird's eye view restaurants which looks like it could be scooped up by hand because its design resembles a giant bird’s mouth!

This is not your typical restaurant. Liyanage has designed a unique, one-of-a-kind eatery that sits atop a mountain’s edge. It cantilevers off the precipice of the mountain, giving diners a bird’s eye view of the valley below them and its breathtakingly stunning views. The design takes cues from a pitcher plant, using the boat-like base that projects off the slope with a slightly raised roof to protect you from any elements while also giving you an amazing view of what's in front or below you! Like much of Liyanage's designs, this Sky Restaurant uses curved bamboo pieces which provide for an intimate dining experience as well as making it environmentally friendly.