4 Otherworldly Places Every Mountain Lover Needs to Visit

body of water and snow-covered mountains during daytime

The world, undoubtedly, is brimming with natural beauty and scenic views. And the beautiful sprawling ranges of mountains are sure to leave a person awestricken. From enormous peaks to outlandishly fashioned bluffs best for the picture backdrop, beautiful landscape views of mountains can make any person stop and stare.

These exquisite landscapes aren’t just the best option for sightseeing; they also provide the thrilling experience of adrenaline flow irrespective of your love for natural wonders. Over and above, the tremendousness and unparalleled beauty of the mountains offer much-needed solace and restoration to all travelers.

The most stunning mountains all over the globe are some of the enchanted and extraordinary views of the world. And the dynamic display of different mountains is most certainly a sight for sore eyes – from Mount Andes (the longest mountain) to Mount Everest (the tallest mountain).

So, are you in awe of mountainous regions? Longing for a trip to scenic mountains? From lofty rugged mountains to magnificent free-standing snowy peaks, here’s a list of the most beautiful mountain destinations to add to your bucket list: 

Great Smoky Mountains, USA

With a hilly landscape and low clouds, the Great Smoky Mountains are one of the astounding mountain ranges found in the USA’s southeastern part. Nestled in this spectacular landscape are plenty of picturesque mountainous towns. One such breathtaking mountainside town is Pigeon Forge.

Located in the northern part of the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, this town offers travelers heaps of adrenaline-rushing, action-pumping, and relaxing activities. One such adventure is Roaring Fork Smoky Mountains Tour. It allows you to immerse into untouched nature and ride in roaring rivers – and who knows, you might also spot a bear.

And while the range of fun-filled activities never ceases in Pigeon Forge, it’s crucial to relax your body. Therefore, maximize your exciting staycation by booking one of the Pigeon Forge cabins that offer various amenities, such as indoor pools, arcade games, and several bedrooms. 

Not only this, but these family-friendly rental cabins are also a perfect option to soak up the awe-striking views and unwind in a tranquil environment. What’s more? These cabins allow you to stay in the heart of the mountains. Meaning: you can hike the gorgeous mountains all day and view spellbinding sunsets. And once you return to the cabin at night, you can relax on the porch and enjoy stargazing.

white mountain near body of water

The Dolomites, Italy

When it comes to mountaineering, most people’s minds tend to conjure up the image of snow-capped peaks in the Himalayas, Rocky Mountains, or the Alps. However, mountains worthy of love and admiration are dispersed all over the world’s surface. One such example is the Dolomites of northeastern Italy.

The stunning mountain stretches from the River Adige to the Piave Valley, constituting a minor part of the Southern Limestone Alps. In conjunction with lakes, villages, and glaciers, a tract of seasonal flowers accents the beautiful landscape. And the verdant greenery environs the mountain range.

While the Dolomites isn’t one of the tallest mountains in Europe, the highest peak is just 3,343 meters. However, their rocky landscape crowns them as one of the most mind-blowing mountain destinations on the continent.

So, if you wish to go hiking, climbing, paragliding, or heli-skiing, this mountain range won’t disappoint you. There are multiple options for every outdoor enthusiast. And you will find much more than air to be stimulating. Further, skiing resorts and snowboarding adventures capture the attention of those fond of outdoor activities. But if you aren’t enamored of wild adventures, there exist long trails that take several weeks to walk and keep even the laid-back vacationers engaged.

rock formation on wide field grass under cloudy blue sky during daytime

Mount Fuji, Japan

Positioned at 60 miles (100 km) southwest region of Tokyo lies the most favorite mountain destination Mount Fuji. It reaches a staggering height of 3,776 meters and is the most popular hiking spot for travelers in Japan. The mountain stands in all its splendor, specifically when covered with snow.

Often known as one of the most sacred places in Japan, this superlative peak comprises a bewildering collection of sanctuaries at its base. However, most travelers aren’t aware that Mt Fuji isn’t just a single mountain. Instead, it’s primarily three volcanoes amalgamated one above the other.

Even though this active stratovolcano is much broader than Rhode Island, it’s often challenging for travelers to view this mountain entirely. Place the blame on the clouds that asphyxiate from every side for a few of the hindered views. But practice perseverance, and you might get rewarded. 

Around this high-altitude getaway, the best things to do are trying Mt. Kachi Kachi Ropeway and exploring the Fuji Five Lakes, essentially five bodies of water seated at the base. Also, try visiting the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park, which encompasses numerous world record-breaking heart-pounding rides.

Table Mountain, South Africa

If the idea of spending time mountaineering gets your adrenaline rushing, and you can’t seem to stop thinking about thrilling hikes and exhilarating adventures discovering edgy slopes. In that case, this mountain destination is just for you.

Generally famous as one of the most iconic pinnacles, Table Mountain views one of the capital cities of South Africa, Cape Town, from a meager height of 1,086 meters. It’s a unique-looking mountain on the planet, the flat top pretty evident; hence, the name Table Mountain. 

The iconic peak is one of the oldest ones, dating back to 200 million years ago. However, today, approximately 800 people can ride to this recognizable mountain’s summit every hour in a cable car. And if you wish to go hiking, there are multiple routes, each of which takes around 2-3 hours to climb to the top. If the idea of long routes fascinates you, opt for the zigzagging Platteklip Gorge trail, which roughly takes 3 hours, of course, contingent on the fitness level.

What’s more? You can view unique endemic African species on the apex of Table Mountain – Dassie. It’s a furry mammal, a close relative to the elephant, and cute as a button. However, it looks more like plump meerkats. 

brown rocky mountain near body of water under blue sky during daytime

Final Words

The breathtaking views, either snow-capped or covered with lush tropical vegetation that stretches as far as you can see, and the soothing chirping of birds. What’s there not to adore about the mountains? 

Mountains are spectacular destinations that allow you to witness the beauty of nature in its raw form. It teaches the significance of slowing down in life. Throughout history, people have viewed such places for introspection and to find inner peace. The gigantic peaks above the earth’s surface have always held a specific mystic appeal.

And while the beautiful mountainous regions are the ideal background for Instagram posts and Snapchat photos, unplugging from tech can prove beneficial. None of the pictures can do justice to the beauty you view from your naked eyes. Therefore, go, explore the scenic views, and let yourself loose. Mountains are the perfect wellness retreat to rejuvenate your mind, soul, and body.