Contemporary Villa From Wood And Metal by Lautenbag Architectuur

Villa Heerenveen was designed by Lautenbag Architectuur.The customers are a young couple with two toddlers. They have a full agenda and desired an efficient home, closer to work and school. A modern spacious house with a large kitchen/dining area was their wish. On a plot on the border of Heerenveen, their clear contemporary villa, with lots of glass and several unique features, has been realized. The magnificent façade with contrasting finishes which comprise brushed perforated metal panels create a bold statement in this residential area, coupled with a contemporary entrance and a beautiful wooden canopy. This duplex is mirrored onto a bigger scale to offer color to the south façade. This detail provides natural cooling to the interior of the property whilst the opposing materials complement the outside of the building.

The interior of the building offers clean lines with striking results in the perforated metal panels used on the exterior which allow light to penetrate the building and natural lighting effects which reflect off the walls and also provide an alternate dimension, whilst providing solitude from the nearby residential development. Floor to ceiling glazed panels with minimal framing add to the open texture of the construction bringing the outside in and give the building the visibility of magnificent sun rises and sun sets over the adjoining landscape , picture windows giving special focus to the outside components and natural flora and fauna across the watercourse. The open plan feel is continued throughout the construction with strategically positioned dividing walls to provide privacy whilst allowing the interconnection of rooms to stream, the stairs are a crucial yet striking feature of the home whilst being operational yet chic, this home offers a spacious living environment that is both functional, modern and maximises the resources of its location.