MADAM architecture will occupy dunes in China – fishermen’s wharf

Madam and Hexia showcased the underground fishermen's wharf pavilion, just outside of Jiaxing in China as a new hospitality structure.
They plan to integrate "ginkgo swan lake" into the natural landscape of the area. The ongoing plan includes 11 pavilions, each of them mindfully created by a variety of international offices. Three out of eleven, designed.
MADAM, combined with the rest, make the complex original and distinct landmarks spread throughout the lake, filled with wildlife.
Some structures make a substitution for a house, while the rest gives the possibility of real encounters with the surrounding landscape.
MADAM- located and based in Amsterdam and Madrid, cautiously creates wharf of fishers underneath the lakeside dunes as a form of a land pavilion within the growing complex, ginkgo swan lake. This building is a collaboration of MADAM and HEXIA (based in China). Their goal is to make it as blended as possible within the topography of the area.
The idea for this project, to create a modest cafe and boathouse, as the location is right along the east shore of the lake unified within a natural area. Lakeside dunes offer rowing boats to rent, fishing, etc., giving the visitor the possibility to enjoy the lake at its fullest.
Fishermen's wharf by MADAM and HEXIA contains two cutouts subtly allowing path through the pavilion. The first one gives out the main entree to the island. The team of designers proposes a den that will not sidetrack tourists from the site's mesmerizing virtue. Other pavilions are open more immensely to the front of the lake. A slight cutout stretches into the water, quietly deducting docks out of the island. It provides tourists with a possibility of hopping on and off from their crafts.