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Obtain Building Regulation Approval – What You Should Know

Are you planning on building a new structure or renovating one? Building regulation approval is one factor that you should look into before commencing with your project. In countries such as the UK, building regulations are a requirement for certain projects. This is to ensure the safety of the people living in the building and the environment at large. 

Below is what to look for when trying to obtain building regulations approval. 

When is the Right Time to Obtain Building Regulations Approval?

If you're carrying out any building work, whether personal or with a company, it is essential to obtain building regulations approval and understand how they work. The regulations might vary from country to country. In the UK, for example, you may require a building regulation for both newly constructed projects and renovated ones. Renovation, in this case, might involve drainage repairing, changing the interior of the house, or extension of a building.

To ensure that all of the standards are followed, a building control inspector is sent by the local government to inspect and ensure that every step is followed correctly. 

What Are the Costs for a Building Regulation Application? 

When trying to obtain building regulations approval, the fee will typically depend on the size of the structure and the type of work needed. If you have a big project that may require several site visits, you should prepare to pay more as compared to those planning to renovate or extend their houses.

And again, the price will mostly depend on your local authority settings. In countries such as the UK, you have the luxury of commencing with your project after two days of paying for the building regulation application. This will save you time and money. 

Where to Obtain Building Regulations Approval

Depending on your country or state rules, you can go to a local authority office or a government one. In most cases, a local officer is left in charge of such cases. They also carry out site inspections and issue a completion certificate. 

Can an Architectural Firm Help with Application?

If this is your first time coming up with a project, then hiring an architectural firm or consultant is the right thing to do. Building regulations mainly focus on two things: approval for building and getting legit drawings for your projects. For accuracy and good services, just hire an architectural firm or consultant. 

When to Be Issued with a Completion Certificate

After completing all of the inspections, you can now obtain building regulations approval by receiving a completion certificate from the building control officer. This certificate will help you in the future when you are planning to sell your property. It will confirm that the property has been inspected and complies with state building regulations. 


As a project manager or homeowner, it is always good to obtain building regulations approval. This will not only protect you but the people who are going to stay in the building and the environment at large.