Do Modern Homes Cost More to Build?

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Building a home is a dream almost all of us have at some point in our lives. We all have a dream setup with a picture in our minds of just how we want our homes to look and the only way to accomplish that is to build a modern home. This isn’t the case for everyone but we all feel this way at some point.

The cost is something that often deters us from ever chasing this goal. We instantly shut down the notion that we could build a modern home because we assume the cost would be outrageous.

If you consider all of the factors, it may not be so bad to build a modern home. There are a lot of determinant factors that really could affect the cost, regardless of whether you choose to remodel, build, or simply purchase a built home that is dated.

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Do modern homes cost more to build? The answer to this question is “it depends”. It depends on a lot of factors like location, style, size, materials, décor, and more. It could certainly cost more to build a modern home but what if the cost is well worth it?

Let’s take a look.


You don’t have to live in a big, fancy city if you don’t want to. You also don’t have to buy acres upon acres of land. To build a modern home, you just need an empty lot to build on. Of course, you will want this lot to be in a location that works for you.

One of the many factors that can affect the cost of building a modern home is the location. The nice thing is since you are building, you get to choose that location. This is your chance to find a place to nestle into that will be in a desirable location. Be mindful of the location and the costs of the location and this could be a way to save yourself some money when it comes to building a modern home.

There are certainly parts of the country with a high cost of living that could make building a modern home a much more expensive project to take on but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Ultimately, location matters.

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Perhaps one of the biggest factors that will affect the cost of building a modern home is the cost of materials. Labor costs and material costs will ultimately be one of the driving factors for the overall price to achieve the end result that you want.

What can you potentially adapt as far as materials go to cut costs without cheapening the quality of the home that you plan to build? For example, would you be willing to look at using concrete floors?

You might be surprised at how much money this simple tweak could potentially save you. There are some other options as well like wood siding, concrete bricks, and simple but clean detailing in the design.

As you plan your modern home, it might be a good idea to discuss the materials and the costs of labor with your architect or your contractor and see where you can make some smart adjustments to help with the overall cost of the project.

Design Strategically

When you are planning a modern home design, you are most likely going to be working with an architect to create a space. Many modern homes have a simple design concept that is more about creative angles and less about fancy architecture.

There are always minor things that can be changed or adjusted in order to conform to your budget the best possible. For example, are there adjustments that can be made to plumbing setup or even the setup for heat and air? What can be strategically adapted in order to reduce the cost when it comes time to build this design?

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Your architect will probably have some simple solutions and recommendations for you here. Remember, they are here to help design YOUR home.

Plan with Your Budget

Ok, let’s really get down to business on the topic. You can approach this two different ways. You can either make a design and find out the cost is astronomical and there is no way you will ever afford that modern home in your wildest dream. OR you can plan your budget and say, we can spend this much to create a design like this and run with it!

If you had to choose one of these methods, we’re guessing you would probably set your budget and then create your plans within that budget to see if it can be done. You can plan a total dollar amount or you can break it down and determine how much you’re willing to pay per square foot.

On average, building a modern home is approximately $154 per square foot but your costs could easily fluctuate up or down from that number depending on a variety of factors, many of which we have already talked about here.

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DIY Solutions

Chances are you won’t be building this home as a DIY project on your own. Even if you do decide to take it on, you will need help with a reliable foundation and possibly some framing. We certainly recommend that you bring in the experts to get the job done right.

That being said, there are most likely a few areas that you can tackle on your own to save a bit of money. You can grab your miter saws and other tools and finish up some of the interior finishing pieces to possibly save yourself a few dollars.

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Building a modern home has always been considered an expensive undertaking. In some cases, it certainly can be but there are ways to reduce the costs and make this dream that much closer to reality for you.

Consider these tips to help you make the most of your money and maybe save some money while you work towards building your modern home. Make those dreams a reality!