Storage Ideas For Every Room In Your House

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Creatively Storing Your Belongings

Possessions are a blessing, and the better you manage them, the more you’ll likely be able to acquire them. When you take care of what you own well enough, you can even mature its value. Here’s a great case-study: Disney movies in VHS. Remember those from the late eighties and early nineties? They had a very specific sort of dust jacket, and they’re valuable now.

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If you properly cared for your videocassettes, what you paid for them will be less than what you can get for them now—just look at this listing for The Little Mermaid: $2,700. But that videocassette is in pristine condition. Most videos like this are scuffed, scratched up, and nasty. Children watch them the most, after all. Additionally, anticipating value is hard. The point is if you have things, and you take care of them, the end result could be more money than you paid for what you acquired. However, storage is going to be key. You want storage options that are manageable, straightforward, and don’t monopolize the space you have available. Following we’ll explore a few strategies for the whole house.

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Vertical Space In Garages

Many garages have storage opportunities that go under-utilized. Nets hung from the ceiling can be used for storage of inflatables, canoes, cushions, life jackets, tools, shovels, or what-have-you. Additionally, shelving that can be closed can be used to “wrap” parking space in the garage.

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Be sure your shelving in garages is enclosed. This may make access difficult, but if things are open, they tend to “spillover” in the fullness of time. However, if you’re storing everything in a closed container when the door won’t close, you’ve got to either get rid of something or shuffle things around a bit. The end result is less clutter.

Finish That Basement

Sometimes a basement bathroom may be more appropriately configured into a storage room. Also, if you’ve got a bedroom in the basement that nobody uses, you might want to finish the room and turn it into a storage space until the house is sold. Also, if you are finishing the basement, there may be areas not intended for storage which can be configured that way.

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Bedroom Storage Strategy

Your bed, if it’s a queen, is sixty inches wide and eighty inches long. That’s five feet by six feet, eight inches. That’s over 33 square feet of storage space. If your bed is three feet off the ground, beneath it you’ve got about a hundred cubic feet of storage space. What if you installed three drawers as deep as the bed? This is a great way to supplement a closet.

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If you’ve got a king-sized bed, then you can store even more things beneath it. If you don’t use this strategy, you’ll have a bunch of empty space where your pets will hide when it’s time to go to the veterinarian. As a bonus, if you’ve got a young child and you have under-bed storage, then they’ll never be afraid of any monsters under the bed!

Kitchen And Bathroom Storage Options

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The key to a harmonious kitchen or bathroom is going to be storage that doesn’t inhibit movement, or make you feel cramped. To that end, it’s often quite amenable to the space that cabinets are installed. You can go with stainless steel options, solid wood, or even RTA (Ready To Assemble). Find these and other cabinetry options at Many cabinetry solutions will be equally applicable in kitchens or bathrooms, the difference being scale. A bathroom is usually no more than a third the size of a kitchen. Accordingly, you’re not going to need as much storage.

Self Storage Facility

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During the process of decluttering your home, you may discover a need for Renting out a self-storage unit at a storage facility. That isn't a bad idea at all because 1 in 10 families pertaining to countries like the UK and America have one. of course, there will be a few things to consider first. Such as the question Do you really need one? If you are out of storage ideas and you have a big family you probably will most likely do. You will also need to consider stuff like logistics and ease of access to consider and most importantly price. Don't worry there are plenty of cheap storage units in London. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that when there is a will there will always be a way for your storage situations.