Ukranian Architect Builds Corten Steel House Deep Inside of Forest

What better way to escape the hectic city lifestyle than to trek up to Ukrainian design studio Sergey Makhno architects’ corten steel house, secluded deep in the forest? After garnering attention from his rusty rose home, Makhno designs yet another ‘out-of-this-world’ construction. The three-story residence features ceiling-high windows and a very big glass ceiling which opens up to the atmospheric landscape.

Inside the center of the steel home, Makhno produced a wild garden, representing the beautiful surrounding nature. As the temperatures rise, ivy and wild grape weave throughout the perforated mesh which make up the flooring and walls, generating pleasant shade. In addition to the abundant steel and glass used for the house, the architect introduces light for a building material — it flows throughout the home effortlessly, highlighting the varying amounts.