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Understanding the Right Time For Purchasing A Mattress

One of the major factors of our well-being is sleep. And a peaceful sleep is ensured by a comfortable mattress. Mattresses also are a major cause of determining your fitness and health. Because when you have a proper night’s sleep, only then you will wake up the next morning brimming with energy. But not all types of mattresses suit everyone. Everyone's body type is different and thus their requirements are different as well. Some prefer a softer mattress base while some bodies are much adjustable with the harder bases. It all depends on the body's adaptability.

Multiple types of mattresses are available in the market such as mattress queen size for adults, latex mattress for back pain, and many more depending on the customer's requirements and demands. Whenever you enter any store you would be tackled by the sales guy present there who would enlighten you with the variations. A few of them are discussed below:

Types of Mattresses

  • Innerspring mattresses: These types of mattresses are made of steel coils that get coiled when pressed. The sizes of the coils inside the mattress might vary. A quality mattress would have more coils in them. These mattresses are also popular because of their affordability. But one drawback of such mattresses is that they wear out very fast. You can also experience squeaking after a certain point of time whenever you move around in the bed. These mattresses are available in all bed sizes.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses:  These were invented in the year 1996 by NASA to design safety-prone aircraft cushions. Today, this material is used to create mattresses for personal use at home. This type of mattress is widely known to create a feeling of sinking in whenever you lie on it. These mattresses take your shape whenever you take your body weight on them and also bounce back once you remove your weight from them. These types are perfect for the ones who have back pains and need a softer base to lay their back on. Such materials also provide proper spinal alignment and also have a proper pressure point relief system. These mattresses are available in Twin, Queen, and Standard King bed Sizes.
  • Gel Mattresses: The gel in the foam mattresses is customized to reduce the heating effects in the mattress. The get, while manufacturing the mattress is infused in it and this makes the mattress seemingly cooler. The gel tends to adapt to the temperature of the material that surrounds it but in a slower process. Thus you can have a cooler base while you sleep at night. These mattresses are present in Queen, Standard King, and Cal King bed sizes.
  • Latex Mattresses: This is another popularly used mattress type and is believed as a natural bedding option since late is made from the rubber tree. Latex mattresses also provide pressure relief and bounce. Also, this material retains lesser heat.
  • Hybrid Mattresses: The new thing that is hot in the market is the Hybrid Mattress, a good choice for back pain relief. In this type, you not only get the bouncy effect but also the comfort and softness that you desire. In this type of mattress, there is a layer of coiled springs as the base and then layers of latex and memory foam on the top. With such a mattress, you get a customized experience. You get the feature and technology of latex, memory foam as well as innerspring mattresses just in one mattress. Though hybrid mattresses can be found in all bed sizes, the queen-size mattress is one of the best hybrid mattresses that are available. Queen-size mattresses fit in all types of rooms and can accommodate two people with proper space.

So, while you get an understanding of the various popular mattresses that are available in the market and their benefits. Based on your requirement you can make a purchase. But there is one important factor that is to be kept in mind while purchasing a mattress. And that is the budget that you have for buying a quality mattress. Always know that purchase at the proper time can help you save money and as well as get proper comfort.

 You can always wait till there is some sort of sale going on at some retail outlets or if you want, you can also get a proper mattress with the budget that you have planned. This is for your information that the mattresses are often on sale and that is why you can always wait until the price drops if you want. The month of May is the ideal time to get a terrific deal on mattresses. But if you are badly in need of a new mattress then just don't wait for May for we have researched the best times of the year when you can buy a mattress at a great discount.

The List of Ideal Times for Purchasing a Mattress:

  • May: As we have already discussed, May is a great time to buy a mattress because most of the manufacturers launch newer products in June. And that is why the retailers offer huge discounts on the existing products to clear the stock and make space for new launches. Thus you get heavy discounts on the mattresses of your choice. Go shopping on weekends, last weekend of May, etc.
  • Weekend Holidays: Holiday weekends are the times when most of the outlets remain crowded. Because people get off from their work and they set out for shopping on the weekend To lure the crowd, most brands lower their prices and thus this is a great opportunity that must not be missed. 
  • Spring: This is an excellent time for buying a mattress for the same discounted price as of May. If you can wait till May and badly need a mattress then March and April are the ideal time to start your search. This is because some stores start promoting the deals right from March to clear stocks by May.
  • Cyber Five: This period is the period from Thanksgiving Day to the coming Monday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and the shipping spree is high during this time. And taking advantage of this opportunity, many brands put up displays of mattresses on sale. So, for the consumers, this is an apt time to grab the discount.


So, in this article, we have discussed not only the types of mattresses and their features but also the right time to buy one. Since the mattress is an essential commodity and at the same time quite costly, so you must make proper plans and research before buying one. And take note of the time that we mentioned where you can get magical discounts. Research your favorite brand and type and then dive in. Out of all the time mentioned we would prefer the month of May. Because we believe this is the time where you will not only get a quality product but also save much money.