Why Laminate Flooring is a Cost-Effective Option

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When you are choosing flooring for your home, you must make sure to choose a cost-effective option. Find out why laminate flooring is the right choice here.Investing in cost-effective flooring when renovating your home is of paramount importance. Homeowners should always be trying to make a profit, and revamping the place is a sure-fire way to do so. But, many people fall into the trap of buying a floor which has a low upfront price and that costs them a fortune in maintenance further down the road. Conversely, one might spend thousands on installing some beautiful hardwood but find with time the floorboards will warp and rot. You need to find the middle ground and get your money’s worth. So, what do we suggest? Laminate flooring. Here are some of the reasons behind our thinking:

Upfront Costs and Installation Fees

Laminate flooring isn’t too expensive, nor is it suspiciously cheap. It’s the goldilocks of floors, as it were. It also nicely mimics the appearance of more costly options like sandstone. Typically, the material costs somewhere between £8 and £12 per square meter and has the added benefit of being relatively easy to self-install (unlike other types such as floor tiling). So, rather than forking out an additional thousand pounds to employ a fitter, you can lay down the laminate yourself. This is ideal for the frugal and fastidious homeowner.

Cleaning and General Upkeep

Anyone who’s had laminate flooring before will know the benefits of this one. The home environment is prone to spillages and accidents – who hasn’t ever sloshed a cup of coffee over the floor, or had muddy footprints trekked across their carpet? These messes are not only a real nightmare to clean up, but their staining can be costly. Wood is often marked or warped by spillages and carpet cleaners are an expense that nobody can regularly afford. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, has a water-resistant coating. This means spillages are less likely to seep into the floor and stain it, therefore, making the mopping up afterwards an absolute doddle. As such, laminate flooring won’t need a costly professional clean or replacement anytime soon.


When it comes to cost-effective flooring, this is the most important point. When we put good money into something, we want to reap the reward. We want flooring that – even after three years – looks as beautiful as it did when first installed. Laminate flooring does just that. It has an underlay which helps to pillow the material, protecting it from the wear and tear that comes with footfall. Carpet, however, can be trampled; tile may be cracked, and wood will chip or dent. A coating of aluminum-oxide also prevents laminate flooring from fading quickly in sunlight, which even floors made of reinforced hardwood are prone to.

As a result of the above factors, laminate flooring has an incredible lifespan of up to twenty-five years on average. You can save yourself the cost of re-flooring your house several times over by investing just once in some high-quality laminate floors. And there you have it; why laminate is such a good material for homeowners looking to do a cost-effective revamp.