You Will Definitely Want To Live In This Unique TreeHouse Built Around 100-Year-Old Oak

Atelier LAVIT has made the ORIGIN Tree House for their customers in France who wanted to get a unique cabin. A hundred-year-old oak was the starting point for the entire layout, with the goal of being as practical and comfortable as a hotel area, and motivated by the form of a birds-nest.

The tree house is obtained from a platform suspended on a different tall walnut thirty yards away, which contains a heated spa and a frightening area. From this platform, there is a wooden walkway, ten meters in the floor, which leads you directly into the core of the nest.

Upon arriving in the tree home, there’s a little patio round the trunk which has the sense of protection, similar to an actual nest. Two big sliding glass doors provide access into the living area. Since the tree house was designed in the form of an octagon, there are plenty of large windows that look out to the forest.

Inside, the timber interior is made of poplar, and also a small sitting area and bedroom supply a comfortable location for relaxation.

On the other side of the tree house is a narrow corridor with three sliding doors which provide access to a dressing area, a bathroom plus a technical closet. Back out to the terrace, there’s a wooden ladder inviting guests to continue the ascent in close contact with the shrub.