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Photographer Captures Ethereal Taiwan Forest: A Fascinating Look at the Jianqing Historic Trail

All images © Masuki Rina, shared with permission

If you're looking for a beautiful and enchanting escape, Taipei is the place to be. This Taiwanese city is home to some of the most stunning forests in the world. The Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area is one such forest, known for its misty landscape and lush vegetation. And suppose that's not enough to capture your attention. In that case, Taipei is also home to the Jianqing Historic Trail - an abandoned railway with crumbling trestles that make for a fascinating look at the region's past. Photographer Masuki Rina visited this trail recently and captured its ethereal beauty in a captivating series of photos. If you're looking for a fantastic escape, you need to check out these photos!

Rina captured hundreds of photographs from the trek on her Behance and Instagram accounts, including street and landscape shots.