1000 Days of Miniature Art: Wildlife Awareness Through The Power Of Art

When you think of wildlife, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe a majestic lion in the wild or an endangered animal on your screen. Miniature art can create a powerful impact in making an impression on people about wildlife and its importance. Miniature artists Nayan & Vaishali have created 1000 different tiny art pieces for their self-initiated project called "1000 days of Miniature Art." This creative challenge focused on creating awareness among viewers about wildlife through art by making one piece per day.

The sketch is followed by a precise knife cutting of the species' fur/feathers from paper in many layers, after which each layer is colored using watercolors in the correct hue of the species. Depending on the species' intricacies, each artwork takes four and six hours to complete. A creature's head is no bigger than 1.8 cm in any direction. It's lifted from the ground, from a twig, or into the air to give the impression that each piece of paper art is flying. This technique of capturing animals in action is more lifelike and dynamic, with a greater sense of life within the work.

The primary purpose of this series is to raise awareness about nature and wildlife through art. And to encourage others worldwide to recognize their role in our ecosystem and the value they offer.

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