Japanese Woodcarver Tomohiro Suzuki Creates Stunningly Detailed Miniatures of Wildlife

All images © Kokemusu Mokkou, shared with permission

If you're ever in Kyoto, check out Kokemusu Mokkou, a workshop run by Japanese woodcarver Tomohiro Suzuki. There, you'll find a fantastic menagerie of miniature sculptures of wildlife. Each sculpture is exquisitely detailed, from elephants to bears, with every hair and furrow accounted for. What's even more impressive is that Suzuki carves these pieces from hunks of walnut, using only his hands and a few small tools.

The sculptor states that he works on achieving the natural form of a hind paw or tusk first and then adds tactile depth to the creatures by making tiny impressions onto their metallic supports, which "often appear mid-action atop their gleaming supports." Suzuki has a selection of Eckepunkt goods, and you may follow his latest works on Instagram. It's truly something to see!