A Glimpse Into the Art of Paper Sculpting: Patrick Alberto Vraja’s Origami Creations

Have you ever seen a paper sculpture and wondered how in the world it was made? Artist Patrick Alberto Vraja has transformed origami into an art style, creating sculptures from delicate sheets of paper. His sculptures are so life-like that you would swear that they were models made from metal or marble.

Vraja’s passion for origami began when he was a child and has only grown over time. He is now based in Romania and creates sculptures of birds with intricate details that amaze viewers worldwide. “I made a huge owl for my latest origami project,” Vraja explains to Freeyork. “After I finished the step-by-step instructions, I studied the anatomy of the owl and attempted to make it appear realistic.” He paid close attention to the shape of his owl sculptures, which have many minute features, such as nails, individual feathers, beaks, and eyes.

To express such weighty themes, the artist requires vast pieces of tissue paper, which may be up to 5 feet long and wide. “I don’t usually make plans for my origami creations; they appear to me spontaneously,” the artist adds. “I may make a dragon the next day and an owl the day after! It’s wonderful. I also get motivation from friends, which encourages me to fold more origami.” Vraja has also made these fantastic sculptures by recording his technique and producing them.

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