Photographer Søren Solkær captures stunning starling murmurations

Danish professional photographer Søren Solkær is probably best recognized for his pictures of music performers like Björk, U2, and The White Stripes. However, in truth, his work extends various styles. Since 2017, Solkær has been capturing on film birds, but not simply any type of birds. His work Black Sun concentrates on starling murmurations and the sensational forms they make in the sky. The sensation, which takes place two times a year as the starling's migration, is an acquainted situation to Solkær, who was raised in southern Denmark. He's since taken a trip throughout Europe - from Denmark to Germany to Spain and Italy to capture the unbelievable forms these birds make.

"I have mainly been fascinated by the aesthetic look of the big flocks of starlings flying as one organism," he says to My Modern Met. "Particularly the forms that happen when birds of prey assault the flock. The resulting forms and 'photos' commonly resemble birds and whales." 

Similarly interesting to Solkær is the starlings' capability to operate carefully with each other in unison for the benefit of the group. "I have observed their extraordinary capacity to fly with terrific speed and agility in scenarios of a great threat-- without ever even touching one another regardless of being extremely close together. They are able to transform the group all black, by transforming their backs to the assaulting birds in order to frighten them off and make it harder for them to distinguish an individual bird." His capacity to record the starlings in a still framework while communicating their motion is remarkable. As they create hearts, waves, and various other forms overhead, these starlings transfer a feeling of remarkable freedom. For those who wish to see more, Solkær has created his finest work in a brand-new publication labeled Black Sun. Available for purchase through his online store, the book consists of over 120 of his finest starling photos.