Lisa Lloyd’s New Sculpture Series: Thin Paper Strips Infused with Movement

“Abel.” All images © Lisa Lloyd, shared with permission

Movement is at the heart of Lisa Lloyd's new series of sculptures. The UK-based artist builds her sculptures from thin paper strips, which she shapes into broad curves. These curves give the works a sense of movement as if they're gushing from a beak or some other bodily mass. The mix of materials and hues used in the sculptures also contributes to their energetic feel. You'll find flat graphic colors next to shimmering metallic strips, creating a chaotic blend of emotion within circles of feathers and protective scales.

Lloyd describes the pieces as reacting to personal and political conflict, which is apparent in each creature's lively demeanor. In "Ritual," she explains the hostile avians:

When I studied bird aggression, I saw that many of the pictures I was viewing were actually of birds mating or defending their territory to breed. They're pretty similar in function. Aggression and conflict, as well as passion and suffering, are all-natural phenomena. I believe our mating customs are not that dissimilar.

Lloyd's work is also available for purchase in her store, and she shares much of her procedure on Instagram.

Detail of “Pangolin”