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A Montage of Memories: Exploring the Unique Art of Mark Powell

All images © Mark Powell, shared with permission

The artistry of Mark Powell is unique in its use of vintage ephemera and ballpoint pen to create intricate portraits, birds, and scenes. Through his craftsmanship in Brighton, England, he breathes life into these pieces, flooded with emotion from the realistic details. His works demand attention on their unusual canvases, which make them stand out even further. His work is an effectual amalgamation of his recollections and encounters, commonly taking the form of birds or scenes brimming with feeling. Recently he produced monochromatic etchings depicting a heron’s delicate wispy plumage and a diptych showcasing hands, two gently holding on to a tulip while another tight grips rope.

On Instagram, Powell provides a peek into his creative process and studio. Additionally, original pieces of artwork as well as prints, can be purchased from his online store.