An Artist Uses Finger to Create Vibrant Large-Scale Paintings

We often think of finger painting as something that's just for children, but Iris Scott has continually shown us that it is a viable approach to generate stunning works of art. For years, the Brooklyn-based inventive has broken the barrier between herself and the canvas by creating elaborate, vibrant paintings using her hand instead of a brush.

Scott isn't afraid to receive her hands dirty using artwork, but she wears a pair of gloves to move the paint around. After suiting up, she treats the pigment like layers and clay thick software of it on canvas. The outcome is a jubilant subject matter that is depicted in a rainbow palette. Collectively, they highlight the simpler side of life that is best seen in her ongoing series called Shakin' Automobiles. In this group, Scott paints canines that are drying off after a jaunt in the water. They exude pure joy that's guaranteed to make you grin.

Even though Scott's finger painting airs about the unconventional side, she is not shy about sharing her technique with other people. Her publication, Finger Painting Weekend Workshop, invites anybody to try out this sort of Impressionist art.