Tyler Foust’s Unique Abstract Drawings: How the Artist Uses One Long Line to Create Captivating Portraits

Tyler Foust is an abstract artist from Texas known for his puzzle-like works with concealed messages. On the other hand, his most recent creation looks at the best approach to painting individual photos in a single line.
Using famous figures as models, Foust uses two different ways to create his compositions. He starts with a random location on the outside edge of the paper for his figurative work—as he did in "Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Murray" above—and then utilizes wobbly zig-zag designs to create the head facial features of the subject. The further you get away from them, the more detailed and lifelike his drawings appear.
Foust has lately been working on another method to make continuous line portraits, which appear to be more formulaic. The artist begins his drawing of Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe at the very edge of the page, and from there, he builds numerous wobbly bars until he has covered the page and reached the far opposite corner. The number of cracks in the line and the extent to which they protrude determine the features of a person's face. Wavy lines appear like space from a distance, whereas more sinuous lines give off an impression of darkness.
You can commission Foust to create prints or buy originals on Etsy and his website. You may also keep up with his latest work by following him on Instagram.