Adorable Dog Embroidery Art Shows Pure Joy in Every Piece

There’s something so irresistibly charming about dogs. They’re always wagging their tails and licking your face, no matter how bad of a day you’re having. Artist @da_gaemee celebrates the joy dogs bring to our lives with her embroidery art. Each piece is filled with lovable pups doing what they do best - being themselves. If you love dogs (and who doesn’t?), then you’ll adore these pieces of embroidery art!

“I only want to evoke a little joy that may be found in everyday life and offer a little grin to those who encounter my work,” da_gaemee explains. “I’m currently stitching the life of dogs who find pleasure in the little things. They’re dedicated and intense about tree trunks, shredded clothing, tunnel digging, and even breaking furniture. I wanted to capture their enthusiasm and childlike joy.”

To add to the realism of her creations, da_gaemee frequently incorporates real-life materials into her embroidery. For example, in the picture of two puppies digging through the earth, the artist combined sand with the glue and applied it to the cloth, giving it greater depth and volume. The painting of two blissful black Labs carrying a large stick includes a genuine wood branch that da_gaemee incorporated into the composition. These clever additions bring her work to life and make it entertaining and relatable.

By following the artist on Instagram, you may keep updated with any new pup-inspired works.