Antonio Santin’s Reality-Bending Paintings of Ornate Carpets

Have you ever seen an ornate carpet that looked so real you thought you could reach out and touch it? Antonio Santin's paintings of ornate carpets will make you feel like you can. The New York-based Spanish painter creates hyperrealistic paintings of ornate rugs that have been creased, crumpled, and otherwise bunched into thick folds. His attention to detail makes it seem like the ornate carpets are more than just a flat surface - as if hidden underneath the paint.

Santin astounds with his ongoing series of rug paintings, leaving no detail untouched. His grand-scaled pieces contain textiles adorned in a myriad of ornate patterns, from floral to stripes to luxurious abstract designs. To further reveal the intricacies of his print designs, Santin uses expert techniques to adjust the repeating pattern to perfectly fit and reflect each rug's creases and curves. He can manipulate hues and lines effortlessly to be curved towards a bulge's perspective or darkened within a profoundly shaded area for more definition.

Santin's extraordinary rug designs often evoke the familiarity of a figure or object, seemingly encompassed by drapery-like fabrics. His artful use of solids and textures creates an ambiance that demonstrates a mysterious presence without disclosing its origin. Generally, carpets are creased into heavyweight plies that call attention to their heft and feel. Although what might be underneath is uncertain, the sheer excellence of Santin's painting abilities is conspicuous as sunshine; a lengthy inspection of each artwork will give you an even better appreciation.

On January 12th, 2023, Santin will exhibit his newest collection: Lullaby, at Galerie ISA in Mumbai. Take advantage of this opportunity to observe the artist's brilliance, which will run through February 28th! In the meantime, check out more of their beautiful work on their website and Instagram page.