Artist Gets Abusive with Porcelain to Create Contemporary Sculptures

If you happen to have ever felt the sheer frustration of not being happy with one in all your artworks, then this considerably violent sequence by award-winning ceramicist Laurent Craste will enchantment.

"An intentionally induced 'accident' modifications the looks of the vases: dirty, coated with graffiti, trampled, cracked, nailed to the wall, subjected to the worst therapy, but remaining recognizable. This violence is particularly that of the creator, because the absolute negation of the piece, smashing it to items, has not been carried out."

Entitled Abuse, the vary of vases, jars and plates are classical of their inspiration however with a twist – each bit appears to satisfy a torturous finish. With axes, baseball bats, pushed nails and heavy-booted toes destroying every kind, the Montreal-based artist takes porcelain sculpture to a completely new stage.

As described by artwork critique Pascale Beaudet: "The sequence of distorted vases actualises the craze expressed in an earlier video depicting the artist within the strategy of digging. It additionally updates the pressure inherent in any manufacturing requiring nice ability: the portion of rejects dropped at their final level.