Nature-Inspired Porcelain Sculptures By Jennifer McCurdy

Ceramic artist Jennifer McCurdy has 40 years practice working with and forming twisting sculptures that are influenced by nature.The talented sculptor strives to give her work reflect the beauty of life and what makes her newest work so different is the fact that she illuminates the inside of the porcelain vessels with 23 karat gold leaf. Her sculptures show progress and by removing bits of clay and adding the gold leaf it gives the image the sculptures are glowing from inside.

She designs every sculpture by hand. It first goes on the potter’s wheel then it is altered, carved and incised. Finally, it is fired with a hot 2350 degrees, Jennifer well-known for pushing the limits of her creativity, she likes doing it by asking herself questions like:

”How thin can the high fire ceramics be before it collapses in the fire? ”

Here is a part of the artist statement

”Emotion fills me when I see perfect forms in nature, from the cracked conch shell on the beach revealing its perfect spiral, to the milkweed pod burst in the field, its brilliant airborne seeds streaming into the sunlight. The ordered symmetry and asymmetry of nature’s forms show the growth of life, the movement of life, living on Martha’s Vineyard island time, especially in the winter. Seems to conform to nature’s cycles. As a potter, I try to make my work reveal the balance of life around me, It is important that the patterns I see around me combined into my forms ”








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