Artist Jeff Soan Creates Cute Wooden Animal Sculptures with Articulated Torsos and Tails by

Sculptor and toy manufacturer Jeff Soan transforms old furniture, driftwood, industrial pallets, and other reclaimed wood into monsters of the land and sea. Employing a self-described technique referred to as"Wobbly Wood," Soan generates articulation in his sculptures by scoring the timber into multiple sections together with their tails and torsos. This permits them to wiggle and gently move side-to-side as they are picked up or stroked. To be able to remove as much waste as possible, the artist considers future sculptures throughout the building of every otter, pangolin, or mollusk.

Soan studied design and art in Goldsmiths College in London in the 1960s and followed up his art instruction with a class in toy manufacturing in the London College of Furniture. You may see a lot of his sculptures and illustrations of "Wobbly Wood" works on his website and Instagram.