Artist Pays Homage to His Wife By Creating a Giant Steel Sculpture

Barcelona-based sculptor Jordi Díez Fernández makes beautiful and artistic sculptures out of pieces of shiny metal. The skilled artist adeptly builds figurative pieces, converting the solid material into recognizable shapes. He handles to add a sense of warmth and humanity to cold, hard steel. This remarkable piece, named Celia, is a complicated installation that concurrently celebrates the human form and pays ransom to the artist's wife.

On his website, Fernández points to the approximately 6-foot-high piece as a “monumental portrait on steel through the total synthesis of a given physiognomy.”

The powerful construct stares out at the world from where her bust stands. The artist's tribute to his wife captures a realistic sense of the expression, though he also assures viewers: “By the way, my wife has excellent hair.”

via Jordi Díez Fernández