Artist Places a Single Red Dot in Every Tattoo to Signify Hope and Celebrate Change

Some tattoos are full-color masterpieces while the others produce striking optical illusions on the epidermis. But tattoo artist Mentat Gamze proves that one can have beautiful modern tattoo style with an accent color that is daring along with a simple, minimalist approach. In each of her pieces, there's a great line drawing completed in black ink that's inspired by the natural world. And also within every eye-catching tattoo, there's a red dot that accompanies it.

No matter who Gamze inks, the mark that is crimson is a consistent motif all through her portfolio. Its presence is now a common bond that her customers reveal, as they're part of an exclusive club. So the red dot? It's a special meaning for Gamze, and it represents following your bliss. After starting her working life as a designer, she recognized her existence was not going in the direction she wanted."Gamze held a variety of positions afterward, but she was miserable in each one. "I got fed up in conclusion and decided to quit my career," she confesses.

Gamze taught herself how to tattoo and discovered that it's what she's designed to be performing. " I needed to reflect this on my function and that I honored this change together with the red-dot," she explained.

The thought of a red-dot tattoo caught on, and now Gamze's clients give their meanings to the mark.
"It was health for one, joy for another, a lost relative, a planet or just a sinking sunlight,  she recalls. In this time I tattooed hundreds of individuals from all over the entire world. I 've become part of their lives, and I helped them to carry their testimonies on their-their health with secret symbols."

Artist Mentat Gamze creates modern tattoo layout by incorporating a red-dot in all her work. Hope is symbolized by the striking shape and celebrates change.