Banksy’ New Mural Appeared in South Wales town of Port Talbot

Yesterday, Banksy Abandoned his mark in the South Wales town of Port Talbot, his first in the UK nation.
The area drew attention earlier this year when the World Health Organization report named it the polluted community from the UK. The street artist appeared to be clarifying this undesirable status in his part, which can be placed on two adjoining sides of a cement brick garage. A young boy clad in winter gear and with a little sled looks with arms outstretched, his pink tongue catching everything seems to be snowflakes. But the nostalgic scene takes on a different meaning when both partitions are viewed together, as the"snow" is shown to be flakes of ash from a dumpster fire. Banksy has announced the work to be in a movie posted earlier today on Instagram, where you can join 5 million other people in keeping with his latest hijinks.