Autumn Ying’s Emotional Illustrations of What Princess Diana’s Life Could’ve Been

What if Princess Diana had lived to see her children grow up? This is a question that artist Autumn Ying has asked herself, and the answer can be seen in her moving illustrations. In these pieces, Ying imagines a future in which Diana is still alive and a part of her family. The beautiful and heartbreaking results give us a glimpse into what could have been. Princess Diana was beloved by many, and these illustrations remind us of why she will always be remembered.

In the beautiful images, Diana is immortalized in her prime years with William and Harry as they were then – and now with Catherine, Meghan, and their grandchildren. Ying has artfully imagined them inhabiting one contented family unit where Diana can still join them to relish every momentous occasion like birthdays, holidays, or new additions to the family.

Ying’s mesmerizing artwork creates a dream-like reality that blends photorealistic illustration with a hint of watercolor. It feels natural, yet we recognize it as an impossible fantasy, causing the images to be compelling and memorable, leaving us wondering about all the possibilities for what could have been.

Autumn Ying: Instagram