Ben Young’s Incredible Glass and Concrete Sculptures Evoke the Depths of the Ocean

Looking at Ben Young's sculptures is like looking into the depths of the ocean. A sense of mystery and beauty draws you in, and it's hard to look away. Young grew up around the sea in New Zealand, and that deep connection to nature shines through in his work. He uses a minimalistic aesthetic to highlight the beauty of glass and concrete, materials that often go overlooked. His pieces evoke the sea's majesty while also reminding us of our humble place in the world.
Young's glassworks frequently include metal figures or other tiny objects representing the sea, such as boats or palm trees. However, as he advances his career, his sculptures stray into the strange. Concrete mountains are broken up by sizeable spherical glass as if the blue substance were some enormous orb from another world. Young's overall body of work sits well with the unexplored areas. However, as he explores new ideas and refines his visual style, we seem to be sailing further from the shore.
Scroll down for a selection of Young's most recent artworks.

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