Duffy London Expands ‘Abyss’ Collection and Depicts The Beauty of Ocean Depth In A Sculpture

All Images © Duffy London and Tom Oxley Photography

Duffy London keeps on expanding its 'Abyss' collection and materializing ocean depth in wood and glass, presenting the new 'Abyss Wall Relief,' an almost one meter in diameter wall sculpture introducing the majesty of this deep blue into the interior. The abyssal art bit is immediately putting you in your mind to stories of flat ground is restricted to only 25 variations.

The method that Duffy London uses is considered unique although it's pretty simple -- the designers put thick sheets of pale blue glass on one another to achieve a gradient of this color which darkens as more layers are included. In spite of how the studio's bits are traditionally functional too and superbly made, the new wall aid only conveys a decorative value of an abyss looking back while observed.