Camille Kachani’s Destroyed Furniture and Other Impractical Objects

Camille Kachani’s sculptures are a testament to the power of nature. The Lebanese-Brazilian artist has created pieces that show human progress and the insurmountable force of nature effortlessly colliding with each other. His furniture, tools, and other practical objects have been overtaken by new plant growths and gnarly roots, rendering them useless for their original purpose.
This relationship has been central to his practice in recent years, and he wants to showcase the conflicts that arise from their intersections, especially in relation to Brazil—the South American country is more frequently experiencing the effects of climate change, such as the worst drought seen this decade, rampant deforestation which only intensifies ongoing devastation. He explains:

When we speak human and nature, we mean culture, nature, and (un)stable and unpredictable relation. We depend on nature and see it as a significant obstacle to our complete mastery of the planet. But in fact, it is impossible to talk about nature and culture as two distinct subjects, as they are so intertwined and contaminated from each other that I come to believe that everything is nature and culture at the same time.

Kachani is preparing for a forthcoming book chronicling 20 years of his practice, which will be published in 2022. You can follow him on Instagram to stay updated with all the latest happenings from this prolific Brazilian artist.