Colorful Porcelain Containers by Martha Pachón Rodríguez

Ceramic artist, Martha Pachón Rodríguez, creates sculptural vessels juxtapose an immaculate, elegant structure with sharp repeated contours and jarring color combinations. Utilizing a mixture of uncolored and pigmented ceramic, Rodríguez layers thin triangles or spikes which match quills or teeth to frame gaping holes in her rounded vessels. In a statement about the artist's site, she describes her sculptures as a"mixture of individual eroticism with an animal character." Besides her body of work, Rodríguez additionally assembles suspended installments and crafts fine jewelry as a portion of her ceramic practice. The artist was born in Colombia and continued her education in Italy. Rodríguez is now the Art Director of Faenza Art Ceramic Center at Italy. Explore the artist's works on Instagram.