Retro-futuristic “Container’s” and the act of choosi

Inspired by 17th-century Dutch tulip vases, architecture, and retro-futurism, Erica Prince's 'Containers' series features an array of ceramic vessels that inspire their users to find creative ways of utilizing them.

The Containers are beautiful on their own, easily passing for purely aesthetic, abstract sculptural works. However, Prince's interest lies primarily in the way people interact with the sculptures on a functional level. Containers is a manifestation of the artist's desire to bring awareness to the simple, meditative act of choosing and arranging objects.

Prince's biomorphic Containers have versatile, tube-like openings, allowing the pieces to take on the personalities of their users as they are filled with flowers, makeup, fruit, or whatever else they may be used for. Containers reflects the artist's belief that traditionally feminine endeavors such as arranging and organizing personal items shouldn't be viewed as superficial, but rather that these rituals can be important for self-actualization.

“We are surrounded by machine made objects and their perfection isn't so special to us anymore. Handmade objects slow us down- their nuances imbue them with personality and energy, reminding us of our humanity.”

See more of Prince's work, and read about her Transformational Makeover project at

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