David Catá Uses A Thread And His Hand To Write Stories In A New Journal Of Memories, Horizontes

David Catá is known for sewing portraits and planting dirt under his skin -- is beginning a new journal of memories, horizons. Once again, the stories will be written in ribbon, and the pages will be his palms. All these are just the first pages of that journal.

It isn't about pain or self-infliction; the choice of canvas is one of the most intimate ones could be courageous -- that the tissue of the center being one of the few more amorous to etch on. When he would, he probably would. In his videos, David Catá seems to spontaneously decide what's worthy of piercing his skin for. A tired lover, a snowy mountain, a lighthouse guarded by a high fence onto a mountain, the sea: these are the type of muses he chooses to be a part of the body for awhile, before recording them, before ripping them away, before starting again with a fresh needle and landscape.