Designer Transforms Her Regular Bathroom Into an Exceptional Work of Art

Fashion designer Roza Khamitova had a dilemma. She had collected so many sketches of possible scarf designs for her clothing line, Shovava, that they no longer fit in the boxes and bins under her bed. Rather than moving them to a bigger closet or a space inside her desk, she decided to use them for a creative home makeover project—in her bathroom!

Khamitova began by attaching the several scraps of her artwork onto the bleach-white walls and then selected to connect the drawings with more drawings on top.

“The hardest part was dealing with constantly bubbling paper and varnish that would smudge the ink.”

Her bathroom wall is now charged with plants and hummingbirds, swaying plant life, and even a fox or two. Khamitova, who lived in the mountains of Kazakhstan until age thirteen, has always been motivated by the real world in her life and her work.

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