Emmanuelle Moureaux’s “MT” Masking Tape Installation: A World of Vibrant Intersecting Lines

Emmanuelle Moureaux, a Japanese masking tape company, based in Tokyo, has unveiled her latest work for the famous worldwide brand ‘MT.’

Moureaux has constructed an immersive environment of bright intersecting lines using 6,000 thin masking tape strips and 100 distinct colors. MT’s masking tape, made of traditional Japanese paper washi and created on the occasion of the memorable 10th factory tour, is an exhibit that showcases the infinite possibilities of MT’s masking tape.

Using the most popular masking tape with a thickness of 15 mm, Emmanuelle Moureaux decided to install the artwork. The tape was produced especially for the project in Moureaux’s distinctive colorway, including 100 distinct hues. Thousands of thin lines were used, often vertically and diagonally layered, to create an immersive colorful environment.​​ The color gradation and its overlapping effects may be experienced by visitors who walk through a cut-out tunnel — the various hues and lines overlap and change depending on the viewing angle, creating a rainbow moiré of varied emotions. It was a once-in-a-lifetime event for everyone who trekked down this mystical path, consisting of 28 kilometers of masking tape and features 28 total stations.