Exploring Movement Through Monochrome Paper: Zai Divecha’s Art

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All images © Zai Divecha, courtesy of Heron Arts shared with permission

Looking at paper sculptures, it's easy to forget that they are made of a medium often associated with stillness and silence. In the hands of artist Zai Divecha, paper comes to life, dancing and spinning in ways that seem impossible. Her solo show at Heron Arts features paper animations and sculptures referencing early stop-motion devices like zoetropes and phenakistoscopes. By using sequential formations, Divecha creates the illusion of movement in her pieces- an effect that is all the more mesmerizing when seen in person.

Divecha is renowned for her captivating use of white paper, guiding the observer's gaze to appreciate its texture, dimensionality, and depth. How it reflects light and casts a shadow across flat planes generates a visual narrative: what we initially perceive as static is ever-changing in nature.

To explore Divecha's diverse portfolio of works, check out her website and give her Instagram a follow!

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