From the palm of your hand – emotional intensity expressed on eye paintings

"The eyes are the windows of the soul" - states Maldha Mohamed - a young artist based on the Maldives, in her set of eye paintings. Every one of her oil interpretation presents a single eye, made by vivid brushstrokes. They're all created on wooden panels, which make all of Maldha's art an absorbing experience. Her main goal is to be able to show emotion without painting a whole face. The factor that inspired her in painting eyes was the fact that singular expression can get explained a dozen ways. Each of her creations has titles, yet still, people interpret them differently. While observing a single eye "cropped," our imagination tends to project the rest of the face in a variety of ways. Young artist says that she is thrilled to paint eyes, as she tries her best to give them life, meaning, and depth, by using different textures and strokes of a brush of the wooden panels, she ads the dimensions to her paintings. This dense use of paint dances around the picture like a current of emotions.

Scroll down to see more samples of Maldha's unbelievable eye paintings, and follow the artist on Instagram to keep up to date with her newest productions. You can find Maldha's original eye paintings for purchase via Return on Art.