Håkon Anton Fagerås creates realistic pillows sculpted from marble

I think that each of us loves to lie in bed in the company of soft and cozy pillows. It seems like a dream. But in studios in Oslo and northern Italy is created something completely different. Norwegian sculptor Håkon Anton Fagerås sees our comfortable and fluffy pillow in an unexpected way. With some help of a pneumatic stick and other carving instruments, our artist is shaping large blocks of stone into pillows. His technique is so good and unique that you cannot see the difference between a stone pillow and a regular pillow. He uses white marble to make his art. As Håkon says, it is a material that gives the impression of delicacy and fragility, although in itself it is not fragile. Every pillow has its folds and wrinkles, and the author tries to catch them in natural poses to make them as real as possible. If not photographs of the artist while doing his magic, we would not guess the complete artworks to be anything other than original materials we use to make pillows such as fabric and filler. Håkon emphasizes that he does not want his marble masterpieces to be perfect, refined to the millimeter. He wants his works to focus primarily on creating feelings, sensations, and memories.